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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Electrical matters

We had to go out and meet the electrician this morning. There was a mis-labeled box, which seemed a minor reason to go out, but I'm glad we did.

Nearly all the lights are in and power is live to the house. There are a couple of loops that are not yet hot, but probably 90% of them are. As we were going through the basement, it became readily apparent that the fluorescent lights were a good choice. We walked into the playroom, and the room is markedly darker, despite us having six incandescent lights in there (three per head). We requested that they be swapped out for fluorescents, which the electrician agreed was a better idea. We also asked to have one put into the room where the slide exits out.

Speaking of the slide room, there is now a wall framed up to seal that off, and to close off the HVAC unit that is in there.

The electrical inspection is supposed to happen Monday. After that, the electrician will come back in and put in one last outlet that we added late in the game; swap out a couple of lights when they arrive from King Electric; and put in the fluorescents from above.

The list of stuff to be done is getting shorter. The ceiling fan in the living room is now up, and the whole front door is now stained (as opposed to just the front face).

The yard is a muddy mess still, but they have leveled a lot of it off, likely in preparation for the concrete for the driveway portion leading into the garage.

Other minor things to be done--grout in the dog wash; sink for the washroom; some paint touch-ups. And strangely enough, some of the doors do not 'latch' at the top when closed. Obviously we'll do a final walk-through before we move in with Rusty, but these have bugged me for some time.

Oh, and it's not minor, but we still need water hooked up from the well!