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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Catching up with some quick updates (nope, we're not done yet)

Bits and pieces being done.

We have been out several times in the last 2-weeks or so.

At this point:

  • HVAC ductwork appears done
  • Most of the lights have been put in
  • Pendant downrods made their way to the house, but not the ceiling fan, though it was supposedly ordered
  • Towel bars/toilet paper holders/shower curtain rods/etc. have been installed
  • Painters were there earlier today
  • Gel stain for the front door is done
  • Crazy microwave is in, but no more appliances
  • Concrete pad outside for the 3 HVAC units are there
  • I believe all outlets, switches, and plates are in
  • All tile work is done, including the dog wash in the garage
  • We met with Alamance Glass, who is handling the closet shelving as well as the master bath's shower door and glass*
  • Rusty seemed like he had not heard us talking about a wall in the slide exit room. Now it seems we have to have one, mainly to cover up the HVAC unit that shares some of the footprint with that room. There is nothing framed, yet, though.
  • We were going to upgrade the ceiling tiles in the basement, and it seems that would add a lot--I vaguely recall $4k or more. Yeah, that's going to wait.

For Alamance Glass, we had to go out last Thursday and meet with him. He said he's have estimates worked up the next day and to Rusty. We still don't have them.

My time off from work is now starting on October 7th or 8th because I was considerate enough not to take off with other managers out. We really should be in the house by that point, but it seems like I am telling people "About 2-weeks" whenever I am asked when the house will be ready.