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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Getting closer... with the paint, at least

Dawn and I went out yesterday and spent pretty much the whole day painting in the basement. The playroom, bedroom, and office all have their coats, as done the one long wall facing the back yard. Probably some touch-ups need to be done, but the time suck will be the trim.

A lot of the grading has been done. There is kind of a steep slope from the back of the concrete pad towards the back yard, so Dawn is toying with the idea of having a driveway of sorts around the pad. I'm not sure how that will work out, but I think the landscaper will be out soon to work on it and see if we like it.

The to-do list for us includes the buried propane tank. I thought Rusty was supposed to take care of that, but it seems I was supposed to be calling around. Tomorrow or Tuesday that has to be done. I don't think that impacting us moving in (no impact on inspections, but we want it done!).

The floors upstairs have had what appear to be the first coat. It is splotchy and wet-looking. So I know the floors means the end is right around the corner.

Keep your fingers crossed.