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Sunday, October 12, 2014

More painting, but not by the painters, and wrong shelves!

Dawn and I went out as planned to paint some more in the basement. We got done what we expected we would given the little time we had. However... two things.

The painters were NOT there yesterday like they were supposed to.

And Alamance Glass apparently did the closets (I did not think to check them Friday when I was with Rusty), but they are nowhere close to what we described and sketched out. Dawn texted Rusty in a none-to-happy fashion, and he later came out to the house. He made some sketches and is dealing with Alamance tomorrow. As for the painting, he also suggested walking through the house and marking places that needed touch-ups with blue tape. We did that. And there were a lot.

Also, it seems the seed and straw are down now. There is a small pile of dirt to still be smoothed out, but the landscaping is mostly done.