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Friday, October 10, 2014

Surprise visit yields surprise news

I took the trash off this morning and went out to the house. Rusty was there, and was a bit surprised to see me. We did a quick walk-through and the floors look great!

He also let it slip that we got the Certificate of Occupancy yesterday, meaning we passed the final inspection. However, he was waiting on something for the environmental impact inspection--basically saying the house was where it was supposed to be, water was the same, and so on.

He is also waiting on some invoices so that we can go to the bank with the final numbers for the loan. There are a few things left to do. We are waiting on landscaping to be completed*, which is supposed to be finished today; the extra mortar on the porch columns; and the glass for the shower. It seems the glass was broken, so they are ordering a new set. It is supposed to be in early next week.

Dawn and I are planning on going out Sunday morning to paint in the basement some more, so we'll do a walk-through ourselves. Looking forward to it though!

*Note: This covers just the original grading, seed, and straw. Rusty and I did talk about the same guy clearing out and smoothing a swath of trees parallel to the drive-way, all the way down to the road. It would save me a ton of time since I would spend who-knows-how-long sawing down and up trees. We decided to go for it.