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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Been by the house three times today!

OK, so it's not as great as it sounds. Or maybe it is for Dawn and the kids, at least.

So Tile Guy #2 is pretty much done with the shower tile now. He shot us some pictures of grout strips, and the colors just weren't right. So we ran out sans kids and looked at the grout samples. The color we really wanted was not at the local Lowe's. He suggested Burlington, so we decided to head that way. While still at the house, the slide was going up, but not yet done. The other progress is that the drop ceiling looks completely done in the basement as well as most of the duct work for the HVAC.

Slide construction in progress
Drop ceiling

That was the first visit.

We headed to the Burlington Lowes. We looked at ceiling tiles while we were there, and Dawn is already wanting to get some different ones. But that's something we can do later. Anyway, luckily that Lowes did have the right grout, so we picked up two bags of the grout as well as the caulk, and we headed back to drop it off to Tile Guy #2.

That was the second visit.

Later in the day, we got a text from Rusty that the slide was done. After convincing the kids that the slide was infinitely more interesting than whatever they were watching on their iPads, we headed back out for visit three of the day.

Slide is done!

There may be a little tightening to do, but the slide itself is done for the most part. All that remains is the plywood at the entrance, and the wall at the exit.
Shower and grout detail

We continue to wait on Duke Power to come out for the permanent service. Rusty is supposed to call them Tuesday to see what's going on. Earlier in the day, though, we talked to Dawn's uncle who works for Duke Energy. We explained what Rusty told us--the electrician and HVAC won't come out until permanent service is hooked up--and Dawn's uncle said that was the opposite from what he knows, that Duke will not hook up the permanent service until the final inspection is out of the way. Perhaps it's a difference in terminology, some sort of miscommunication, or something else, but hopefully it will get ironed out on Tuesday and we'll have an idea when whatever is happening will happen.